Assembling the body

Crusader 2 model build​


The first set of body panels emerge from the mould before being taken outside for trial assembly. The obvious question is – why are they that eye watering yellow colour? It’s because this is first and foremost a high speed test model, the results of which will be filmed for analysis. To help with that, a whole series of datum marks will be applied all over the body and yellow is a great background so that they show up clearly.

The air intake at the front and access panels have now been cut to be followed by another hole at the back for the hot end. If you’re wondering where the cockpit will be, well that’s another intriguing bit of the design puzzle to solve. Early Crusader 1 sketches by Railton show either a cockpit partially buried in the nose ahead of the intake or further back as preferred by Cobb. Sitting on the front planning shoe would be uncomfortable in the extreme and even when moved further back, Cobb was still given a rough ride at times. If that turns out to be the best location, a bifurcated inlet tract around the cockpit will be needed.

To see more about the previous stages, go to building the plug and making the mould.

The next stage is final assembly.