Crusader 1

Crusader 1 model

Len Newton's 1:6 model of Crusader


Len Newton was inspired to build a detailed, fully functioning model of Crusader following the discovery that his father-in-law had been a member of Cobb’s operations team at Loch Ness. As Railton’s initial sketch for Crusader shows, he completely turned around the existing 3 pointer design as shown on Bluebird K4 for a reverse 3 pointer design to eliminate front end lift. Cobb persuaded him to move the cockpit further back to minimise the beating that he would have taken by sitting so far forward.

While Len’s Crusader model is built in a traditional way, the Crusader 2 version will be moulded from composites.

Watch the video of Len testing the jet engine on his model of Crusader …

Crusader 1 model on the water: