Final Assembly


With the hull complete, it’s time to lay out the key components to understand what fixtures and fittings are required for each. With that done, the first item to be installed is the rudder, which as with Crusader 1 , is attached to the rear of the front planning shoe.

The square aluminium item in front of the engine is the fuel tank. To secure that in place a mount was 3D printed from carbon. Bonded into place, the tank is an exact fit. The first two pics show it taking shape.

The engine sits on an aluminium cradle with room for a spar to pass through the hull to support the sponsons. One of the unknowns is exactly what angle of attack will be needed to ensure that the boat gets onto the plane as quickly as possible and then stays there. To experiment with slightly different angles, Len has incorporated Vernier type fittings to each attachment point so those angles can be adjusted in small increments.

To see more about the previous stages, go to building the plug, making the mould and assembling the body.

With final assembly now complete, the next stage is to start testing.