Railton Water Speed News

Stage 3 Testing – more power and hull modifications

Although we’re restricted by weather conditions we are still testing out a variety of temporary changes in order to film the bow wave as the boat tries to transition from floating to planning. Read about it under the Stage 3 Testing section of the Model Boat Programme ...
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Bluebird K7 visit

Just before Christmas, we took a trip north to get a close up look at Bluebird K7 ...
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Stage Two Testing update

First powered tests completed. Our model of Crusader2 has been powered up on the water ... with mixed results. Read more ...
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Test model has first float tests

Test model has first float tests. See Crusader 2 First Stage Testing for more details and pictures ...
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The Crusader as seen by the KONGSBERG multibeam echosounder

Historic wreck of Crusader found

Historic wreck of Crusader found by Steve Holter. It was during research for my up coming book “Quiet Giants”, the full story of Crusader that the model we now refer to as Crusader 2 came to light. Fascinated as I am that we are going to see Reid Railton’s thinking ...
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