Stage 3 Testing – More Power and hull modifications

Stage 3 Testing – more power and hull modifications

It’s critical that we understand the make up of the bow wave as the boat gathers speed prior to planing since, as expected, it ships water into the intake until that transition takes place. This knowledge will help us to evolve the front end of the boat – but we can’t do that until we have that knowledge. So Len, with advice from Lorne Campbell and CAD modelling from Adam Stringer, has devised a series of temporary additions to trial in order to deflect water so that we can capture this film.

At the same time and working on the principle that extra power is needed, we’ve managed to acquire a Mammoth jet engine and light weight tail pipe. It’s more powerful and lighter than Len’s original engine which has now gone back into the Crusader 1 test model. All we need now is decent weather to trial these changes and collect the film prior to evolving the design on a more permanent basis. That change will then need to be integrated with the solution to the biggest unknown of all – where to locate the cockpit. More on that later.